Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get Sewing at Tiny Stitches!

The gurus of the quilting industry have long been predicting the trend toward garment sewing using the quilt fabric we have in our shop. They've been insisting that our shops are truly creative sewing centers - perfect for making clothing.
A few of our staff members were forward thinking enough to get the ball rolling in the shop by making clothing samples for children using some of our current lines. We've been watching to see where this trend will go with our customers and have tried to seek out new patterns and fabrics to facilitate it. Slowly we've noticed noticed some of the most adorable clothing projects for children being brought into the shop for "show and tell". These are being created using everything from Cat in the Hat fabric to our newest organic collection for little boys by Robert Kaufman. I have to admit that my favorite creations are those actually being worn by the little ones who visit us at the shop!
Many of us admit that we sewed before we quilted and that is certainly the case with me. I fashioned Barbie clothes from the time I was 5 and as one of nine children, made most of my own clothes by the time I reached high school. The quality of the fabric in the shop is just perfect for sewing. (In fact I saw a stylish skirt on a young person who was attending the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra made from Cat in the Hat coordinates just last week!) How exciting!
Here are just a few samples to inspire you!

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