Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kansas City finale

It's hard to believe that just a week ago we were in Kansas City at Market.  Market closed at 4:00 last Sunday and we were there to the end.  Though there was much more to see, I thought I would close our journey with a few last pictures.  Two groups from Moda that were of particular interest are mentioned here.  The first is "Mama Said Sew" from Sweetwater.  We bought the whole red, white, black and grey collection and I was interested to see what they had done with it. (Due out in August, 2012)   I didn't have to look far...there were already patterns and ideas from several companies.  The girls at the booth were very gracious but I elected to have my booth picture made alone.  (They were smaller than I am and you know that thing about the camera adding 10 pounds.)

The other group was Double Chocolate, due out in  October.  This line is from Three Sisters and is the follow up to the previous Chocolate.  Our Moda rep, Kathy Skomp, designed a pattern for a quilt from this line and we are excited to be able to have it in the shop soon.  There were no projects available on display for this line, but we'll send them as soon as some are out there.

My last picture here is from the Alexander Henry booth.  They always have the most interesting displays!  This one had upholstered chairs stacked on top of each other.  I couldn't figure this out exactly, but it really caught my eye.  I always check to see if they are still making that Christmas hunk (shirtless men) fabric.  I haven't had the courage to order it yet, but I keep looking!


Friday, May 25, 2012

More Market News

Kelli Wulfson from Don't Look Now quilts has always been a favorite of ours at Tiny Stitches.  Kelli is a machine applique artist who uses bright colors and themes linked with children in her designs.  I always visit her booth and chat for a bit each Market.  She's Austrailian and I just love the way she talks.  (I'm working on the accent for a future character to use at the shop.)  Her booth was so cute and I got to see her latest designs.  The very best part?  She quilted her creations on a Sweet Sixteen!  We've pictured some of the designs here.  Join Mindy O'Donnell for a class in Kelli's technique on June 14th.  Just call the shop to reserve your spot. 

Another favorite is Emily Herrick from Crazy Old Ladies.  I was sorry to find Emily in one of those little scooters as she had a stress fracture and needed to give her foot a rest.  We've been carrying Emily's patterns for some time.  She has fabric now too!  Emily may be joining us to teach in September.  We're working on the details now.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kansas City Highlights part 2

Nancy Halvorsen's Art to Heart booth is always on my list of stops.  We had already received her holiday fabric called "Nancy's Holiday Favorites" and were thrilled to find that the accompanying book, Christmas Favorites, is now out (and ready for purchase at the store).  Her bright and cheerful quilt for the holidays is on the front of the book and can be completed as a block of the month.  You'll surely want to join us for this one.  So cute!  You'll also be able to see all of the book projects during our Christmas in July event on Friday, July 27th.

We're putting a picture of the book cover in this post.  When I saw my picture with Edyta I decided we'd stick to pictures of the products.  Although Nancy is a grandmother with her 8th grandchild on the way, she still has that little tiny figure and I didn't want there to be any comparisons.  (I wonder how old she really is???)  Oh well, on to the next designer!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kansas City Market Highlights

We flew in from Kansas City yesterday afternoon and headed straight for the shop for our monthly staff meeting.  We unloaded three suitcases full of products and brochures that I was able to share with everyone.  Though it had been a long day, I was bursting with excitement and information and was glad to be able to share it with our wonderful folks.  Spring Market is always my favorite show.  There just seems to be more time and space to visit with the designers and companies.

One of my favorite stops was at Laundry Basket Quilts with Edyta Sitar.  What a wonderful, gracious lady she is!  We visited with her a while and purchased some copies of her new book, Scrappy Fireworks.  Though she was preparing for a webinar she took the time to sign each copy for us.  (Hurry in or call us to get your copy.)  We loved her new patterns featuring precious, colorful umbrellas and talked to her about how much we are anticipating her new block of the month, Over the Rainbow.  Meeting with this great lady was a fantastic way to open our Market 2012 experience.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! 
Hope all of you are enjoying this rainy day doing something you love.  I couldn't help but remember one of my favorite Mother's Day memories this past week as I sewed with our two daughters. 
Our first two children, Christopher and Melissa, were born the same year -  one in January and the other in December.  The year had been a hectic one - a blur of bottles and diapers.  Henry was gracious enough to let me spend my entire Mother's Day that year on the porch cross stitching.  I'll never forget how wonderful it was to have all that precious time to do something I loved so much! Go do something you love - you deserve it! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

How thrilled we were this afternoon when our doors opened to three Girl Scouts and their parents with several bags containing 139 pillow cases for ConKerr Cancer!  Wow, girls!  That is just amazing!  We are so proud of you and your contributions toward helping this great group.