Monday, August 27, 2012

One of my favorite days at the shop is the first Sunday of the month when we have our Farmer's Wife Club.  After over a year of learning all about the 1920's and making many wonderful (but tiny) blocks, we're decided we'd like to try something new in January. 

One of our ladies recently got us all excited about Marie Bostwick's new books.  After finishing the first one, I've been recommending them to everyone.  Marie's books, now 5 in number,  revolve around main character, Evelyn Dixon.  Evelyn owns a quilt shop in the town of New Bern, Connecticut.  The trials in her life lead her to developing and becoming a part of a community of quilters.  Why, it's just like the relationships we've developed at Tiny Stitches!

The best part is that Marie has worked with Deb Tucker of Studio 180 designs to create some quilts that go along with the books.  We decided that these quilts would be our projects for next year.  So, grab a book and read the first one, called A Single Thread.  We'll have a couple of copies at the shop so that we can have a book study/quilting group.  Don't miss it!  Come and join us!

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