Friday, May 25, 2012

More Market News

Kelli Wulfson from Don't Look Now quilts has always been a favorite of ours at Tiny Stitches.  Kelli is a machine applique artist who uses bright colors and themes linked with children in her designs.  I always visit her booth and chat for a bit each Market.  She's Austrailian and I just love the way she talks.  (I'm working on the accent for a future character to use at the shop.)  Her booth was so cute and I got to see her latest designs.  The very best part?  She quilted her creations on a Sweet Sixteen!  We've pictured some of the designs here.  Join Mindy O'Donnell for a class in Kelli's technique on June 14th.  Just call the shop to reserve your spot. 

Another favorite is Emily Herrick from Crazy Old Ladies.  I was sorry to find Emily in one of those little scooters as she had a stress fracture and needed to give her foot a rest.  We've been carrying Emily's patterns for some time.  She has fabric now too!  Emily may be joining us to teach in September.  We're working on the details now.

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