Sunday, June 24, 2012

We've just finished our first week of Flip Flop Camp and what a delight it was!  The hum of sewing machines and a room filled with young stitchers.  There's just nothing better than that!
I have to admit though, that more than once last week I thought about my friend and former teaching colleague, Janie Stokes.  It has been a few months since Janie passed away, but I will always think about her anytime children and quilting are connected.  Janie's organization, Storybook, along with the help of the Chattahoochee Evening Stars, sought to create quilts from children's books with a quilting theme. She wanted children everywhere to enjoy those books and quilts.  What a legacy!

That legacy will live on through Tiny Stitches as we seek to establish a Janie Stokes scholarship fund this summer for children who would like to be involved in quilting, camps, sewing, etc. Please watch for details on our website and in our emails.  Janie may be gone, but she will not be forgotten by anyone who knew her.

Janie taught me alot about living life to the fullest those last years she was with us.  Her sly smile, sense of humor and patience got me through many a challenging day.  Thank you, Janie for the inspiration you were to all of us; but especially to the children.

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